New learning pedagogies and technologies set new standards for school designs.

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The world of learning is ever-changing. It is almost impossible to tell how the evolution of technology alongside pedagogy shapes the schools and the field of education in the years to come.

For us this means embracing the change and creating new. Educational environments are designed to meet the needs of the user and to be transformed when the needs change.

The Finnish educational system has a high reputation worldwide. Our school design has the potential to become an export product just as our learning philosophies did. Himla wants to be part of this development.

In Himla, educational environments’ value architecture is created through expertise, high material knowledge and cost-efficiency, which leaves the users room for learning.



1. Our mission is to design safe, healthy and functional educational spaces that serve the users throughout their life span.

2. We embrace the changing world of pedagogy and technology as it encourages us to seek new solutions.

3. In these environments, value for the owner is based on our architectural problem-solving skills, high material knowledge and cost-efficiency.

Jussi Hietalahti

Jussi Hietalahti
Architect SAFA | Shareholder

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Ipanala day care center

Ipanala day care center in Laune, Finland was completed in 2018. The log-built day care centre is a learning environment for 120 children.

Ruovesi day care center

 Design of Ruovesi day care center in 2019.