Our expertise is emphasized in designing health environments. In our architecture, value is built on over a decade of designing health centres and hospitals.

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Designing a health environment requires understanding of its functions. One must truly understand how a hospital ecosystem works to make the space approachable for the patient, efficient for the staff and to enable the flow of resources.

In health services the environment plays significant role in the overall expenses. The staff resources, for example, are highly dependent on the design of the space and its functionality.

For us in HIMLA, value in health environments is measured in quality and expediency. Our expertise is built on over a decade of designing these environments.

When designing spaces such as hospitals and health centers, a contrast always exists – you have the patient with a sensitive mindset and on the other end the highly trained professionals and their routines. Value architecture must serve both.



1. HIMLA architects have gained over a decade of experience in hospital designs.

2. Proactive planning stands for value. A significant amount of costs in these projects come from changes made during construction time.

3. The sizing of the spaces must meet their functions, otherwise money goes to goes to waste.

Topi Laaksonen

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Pori City Hospital

Modernisation of Pori City Hospital took place in 2014. The aim was to create an accessible environment for healing and modernise the old spaces originally from the 1970–1980’s. In stairways, the different floors were highlighted with accent colours.

Joensuu Central Hospital

Extension of Joensuu Central Hospital 2016. The new construction includes hospital kitchen, staff cafeteria, auditorium and administrative offices. The facade is composed of steel, silk-printed class and plasterwork.