Housing and planning

 HIMLA solutions in area development, housing and planning are guided by value thinking.

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In the development and implementation planning of regional and housing projects, the aim is to maximize the value of the project. For us at HIMLA, it means mapping the needs of the owner of the project and thoroughly examining the potential of the project from the point of view of architecture, regulation, and economy, whether it is for privately financed projects or supported housing production.

The result is a valuable entity for the project owner and key figures, on the basis of which it is possible to decide on the progress of the project.

The range of HIMLA projects varies from housing to public construction and planning zoning and land use around various functions and activities. Our key expertise includes, for example, new concepts of housing, both wood and stone-built. In addition, we have carried out, for example, wood-built apartment building projects.



1. Our work is guided by value thinking, so the result is always an architecturally and economically valuable entity.

2. We will initiate a dialogue with the authorities already at an early stage, which enables the smooth running of the project.

Jari Mäkimartti

Jari Mäkimartti
Architect SAFA | Shareholder

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Housing loft VTS Pikkuniemenkatu planning in 2019.


Housing operative Tampereen Lamminpään Lumous planning in 2018.

Housing operative Vuoreksen Tiera

Wooden housing operative Vuoreksen Tiera in Tampere, Finland was completed in 2018. The site consists of five modern wooden detached houses.