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Housing operative Vuoreksen Tiera

Wooden housing operative Vuoreksen Tiera in Tampere, Finland was completed in 2018. The site consists of five modern wooden detached houses.

Turva - Tel Aviv

Embassy of Finland in Tel-Aviv, Israel

HIMLA architects designed the secured office environment for the Finnish embassy in Tel Aviv-Yafo in 2018. Located in the 31. floor of the Adgar 360 Tower, the embassy environment is designed as a modern multipurpose work space.

Porin Sairaala

Pori City Hospital

Modernisation of Pori City Hospital took place in 2014. The aim was to create an accessible environment for healing and modernise the old spaces originally from the 1970–1980’s. In stairways, the different floors were highlighted with accent colours.

Ipanala päiväkoti

Ipanala day care center

Ipanala day care center in Laune, Finland was completed in 2018. The log-built day care centre is a learning environment for 120 children.

Minsk referenssi

Embassy of Finland in Belarus, Minsk

Embassy of Finland in Minsk, Belarus. The secured office environment was designed in a historical building. The embassy environment is designed as a modern multipurpose work space in addition to office work the space is suitable for hosting small occations.

Scandinavian lofts

Jämerä Lofts

Combination of six concrete-built loft apartments was designed for Tampere housing fair in 2012. Since then similar lofts have been built in several locations.

Joensuu keskussairaala

Joensuu Central Hospital

Extension of Joensuu Central Hospital 2016. The new construction includes hospital kitchen, staff cafeteria, auditorium and administrative offices. The facade is composed of steel, silk-printed glass and plasterwork.


Ruovesi Parish House

Parish house in Ruovesi, Finland 2016. Wooden design won the invitational architecture competition on site.

VR neuvottelutila

Conference room for VR Tampere

Renovation of the Tampere railway center began in 2016. As a part of the renovation project in Tampere railway station, a modern conference space was designed in the old office spaces.

Taiga vuoristorata 2

Taiga roller coaster Linnanmäki

HIMLA architects realized the design and architectural planning of the Taiga roller coaster at Linnanmäki amusement park for summer 2019. For example, a safe and interesting queue area for 500 people was built inside the device at the challenging location.

Ruovesi päiväkoti

Ruovesi day care center

Design of Ruovesi day care center in 2019.


Heating plant and residential area, Ahtiala

Project plan for the future residential area of ​​Ahtiala in Lempäälä in 2015.


Fimlab laboratory center Tampere

Fimlab laboratory center was designed in a existing shopping center in 2018. The blue acoustic panelling on the ceiling also serves as an eye-catcher.


Lamminpään Lumous, Tampere

Design of housing operative Lamminpään Lumous in 2018.

VTS Pikkuniemenkatu

VTS Pikkuniemenkatu, Tampere

Design of housing operative VTS Pikkuniemenkatu in 2019.