When designing secured environments, safety and functionality go hand in hand.

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When designing secured environments, safety always comes first but doesn’t necessarily show.

HIMLA architects have designed several Finnish embassies around the world in the last decade. Most recently we have been working on Finnish embassies in South Africa and Namibia.

From an architects perspective, safety in these environments is not only a matter of bulletproof walls, floors or ceilings. These spaces must be functional and pleasant for working too.

Planning and developing a safe environment might take up to a year or more, yet these environments are often built in a short time frame. For HIMLA architects, designing demanding secure environments means professional project management from design to on-site.



1. In our designs, safety and functionality are combined for the best outcome.

2. Over the years we have gained high material-knowledge and professional network in the field of designing secured spaces.

3. Our professional project management guarantees value architecture in demanding secure environments from design to on-site.

Jussi Hietalahti

Jussi Hietalahti
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Embassy of Finland in Belarus, Minsk

Embassy of Finland in Minsk, Belarus. The secured office environment was designed in a historical building. The embassy environment is designed as a modern multipurpose work space.

Embassy of Finland in Tel-Aviv, Israel

HIMLA architects designed the secured office environment for the Finnish embassy in Tel Aviv-Yafo in 2018. Located in the 31. floor of the Adgar 360 Tower, the embassy environment is designed as a modern multipurpose work space.